In a changing and demanding marked, the companies needs more than qualified employees. To make the right decisions based on plans and strategies are what makes the difference between excellent performing Companies and mainstream Companies. Gray Select can be your strategic partner making the Winning Team.

We will help you to ask the essential questions which leads to the correct decisions.

Establishing a company in Norway

  • Gray Select acts as your Partner establishing your Company and make sure you are up in speed quickly and in a professional manner. And you will be visible in the marked very soon.

Temporary Management

  • When you have established your Company, we can act as your temporary CEO, Marketing Manager or Business Development Manager according to agreement.

Export to UK and USA

  • The Norwegian business sector in general needs to adapt to the quick changes in the marked. Forreign competitors will knock on your customers door. This will be the new normal.To meet these challenges, companies need more often to change strategies so to survive.Gray Select can be your professional partner when you decide that export is necessary so to find new markeds for your products and services.We cover in particular the UK and the USA. We can offer you a total package from analyzing the marked, find a collaborator, legally and financially assistance etc.

Raising Capital

  • Gray Select raises capital from norwegian and forreign investors